Every project is a little different and custom-tailored to our clients’ needs. See below for an example of a common design + build process.

1. Initial discussions

We want to get to know you, your personality and your needs. We can talk on the phone, schedule a video call, or meet in person at our office or your site. We’ll start to define the basics like scope, budget and design style. Bring your idea boards, inspirational pictures and wish lists. Follow-up meetings are common.

2. Proposal

Once we’ve come to understand you and your needs, we will start to shape the project and will prepare a proposal. Each project is unique, so we will determine the most sensible project plan and include an estimated timeline and budget.

3. Design

The design process happens in stages, which allows us to iterate and refine the plan until it is just to your liking. We start with sketches, progressively refining the design, working up to complete construction document packages. We can provide 3D renderings along the way so you can visualize every aspect of your project. If it’s part of the scope, we will conduct engineering trade studies to optimize the design for energy efficiency and sustainability.

4. Financing

Most projects utilize a standard construction loan. This type of loan is structured to pay out in installments during the construction phase and can be converted to a conventional fixed-rate mortgage once the project is completed. This can typically happen with a single closing, so there are no duplicate fees to pay. We have relationships with lenders in Saratoga Springs, or we would be happy to work with a lender of your choice.

5. Construction

Once the design is finalized, we’ll engage our network of contractors and oversee all aspects of the construction. We’ll take care of all zoning and permitting processes and will deliver your dream home, right up to the finishing touches and custom features.